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Alan Morris

Film and family compose the double helix of my DNA.


It was his father, an avid hobbyist shooter in his day, who introduced Alan to the cinema classics while he was in grade school and bestowed unto him his 8mm camera and editing equipment. While Alan was in high school his older brother administered his college film series where, over the course of many weekends, they would screen on his living room wall 16mm prints of every great film imaginable. And a few years after he would give Alan his first job in the industry as a production assistant on a Coca-Cola commercial shoot, which would eventually take him into the world of post-production.


With over 30 years experience as an accomplished multi-platform videographer, editor, animator and content manager Alan specializes in innovative storytelling for brands, including but not limited to: commercials, branded web content, industrials, corporate videos and trailers for advertising, public relations, digital media, and entertainment.


Alan remains committed to communicating the "Big Idea" whether for a 15-second commercial or a 15-minute news story.

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