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Andrés Otero

A vibrant blend of artistic, spiritual, and healing influences permeated my childhood. My mother's poetry sparked a love for playful language, while my grandfathers offered contrasting pathways to the unseen. One, deeply rooted in Catholicism and self-improvement books, the other exploring Hinduism and esoteric traditions. These diverse experiences ignited a curiosity within me that later blossomed into a lifelong artistic journey.  From reciting poetry to drawing superheroes, oil painting, and ultimately, personal audio-visual projects like "Valentina's Dream," my early work reflects the versatility of my artistic expression. This exploration continued with my award-winning thesis film, 'El Circo del Habla,' which wove my son's speech lisp into an animated world, revealing the transformative power of child-like imagination. Transitioning to professional life, a drive to inspire and foster empathy found its form in documentaries like "Leaving Ground Zero," which captured human resilience in the aftermath of tragedy.

Freelancing for major New York publications led to my role as PRNewswire's first Multicultural Producer, where I honed my leadership and storytelling skills to champion diversity and cultural connection. And seeking to push the boundaries of narrative, I co-founded Somos Creative,  harnessing the power of immersive experiences for storytelling.  My work with Virtual Tech Designs, where I currently serve as Head of Production, explores innovative ways to connect with audiences. Projects like "Dame+Time" marked a unique convergence of my commercial and immersive storytelling experience, blending technology and authenticity for Tissot. Alongside these branded collaborations, I remain committed to original narratives. Set in the unique landscape of an off-the-grid desert community, my feature screenplay, Slab City Trip, is a coming-of-age story that explores the complexities of a broken family and the resilience of the human spirit. I'm currently developing the satirical play "Aliens of Venice Beach," exploring the complexities of the American Dream through a cross-cultural lens.

These diverse experiences continually remind me that creativity transcends individual authorship. My artistic practice is one of collaboration and exploration, seeking to tap into the shared wellspring of inspiration. Through a continuous exploration of form and medium, I aim to create works where expression, growth, and healing can flourish, ultimately revealing the shared human experience that lies beyond illusory identities.


"I worked with Andres and his team at Somos Creative to create a promotional video for the Friends of St. Jude Spring Gala this year. He was gracious in helping to explain the process to me, he provided great feedback and ideas for the focus of the video, and was prompt and professional in all of our communications. I will definitely be working with Andres again and would highly recommend him and his team..."


Laura K. Wise
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital - ALSAC



"We really enjoyed working with Andres and the SOMOS team. From the ideation stage to the final product, SOMOS was able to create what we asked for. SOMOS was easy to communicate with, arrived on-time to the video shoot and turned around the edited video in just a few days. We will definitely be using the team again."

Sara Cohen

Marketing Specialist, Lyft


“I'm so grateful to have had Andres as "the voice in my ear". From early hours, he made sure to connect with me and made me feel at ease. His realistic and spot-on culture-based approach, feedback, and words of advice definitely helped to have a successful  SMT.”

Alejandra Schrader

Celebrity Chef


"Are all your producers as good as Andres? He really was fantastic, better than any other producer I've worked with. I'm curious because as I mentioned, we typically work with [competitor] and I wanted to know if Andres was an exception, or if all of your producers match up to his degree of professionalism and message coaching."


Lisa Jasper

Senior Vice President VP+C


"Andres offered to help me out with a last-minute project which was awesome. He was thoughtful and organized in the short lead up to the event. He asked valuable questions and made sure he had my list for content capture. The end product was great and he delivered the edited content the next day. His experience as a content producer was a great help as he didn't require any direction and knew exactly what the client was looking for. Andres is great at what he does and I enjoyed working with him. I would recommend and definitely use him again!"

Andrea Weckstein

Agent at CAA


"Andres,  Thank you! As you know we jumped into this project halfway, and are grateful to your team for being so patient and working through every last detail with us. Looking forward to working with you again!"

Jaime Geiger

PR Professional, Biosector 2

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